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Civil Law Lawyers in St. Clair County and all of

Southeastern Michigan

Getting You the Best Results

If you are involved in a civil law case, look no further than the team at Bales Lepley and Rubin. We offer our clients an aggressive, effective defense to get you the best results possible. You can trust our track record of success to make the most of your case in court. We will always find a way to help our clients.

Our Areas of Expertise

Personal Injury

When you are injured as a result of someone else’s actions or negligence, you deserve fair compensation. If someone else is at fault, call us for advice you can trust.

Contract Disputes

Are you a party to a contract and another signatory is not following the agreed terms? Protect your interests and get trustworthy help from our experienced team today.

Landlord and Tenant Issues

Is your tenant delinquent on their rent payments, or is your landlord not following your lease agreement? We are ready to help you. Schedule your consultation with us.

Debt Collection and Settlement

We specialize in debt collection and settlement matters. When you have an outstanding loan, our team will get you the information and support you need. (This does not include bankruptcy, negligence or discrimination.

Your Best Defense Starts With Us

No matter your case, our aggressive lawyers will help you. If your civil rights or your consumer rights have been violated, we are dedicated to winning your case. The team at Bales Lepley and Rubin will help you every step of the way. Meet with us for your free initial consultation, no matter what your legal complaint may be.