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Family Law Lawyers in St. Clair County and all of Southeastern Michigan

The Aggressive, Effective Defense You Need

Are you involved in a family law case? Family cases center on the relationship between you and your immediate family, including marriage, divorce, adoption, child custody and more. The team at Bales Lepley and Rubin is ready to fight for you. No matter the details of your case, we are dedicated to win.  

Our Areas of Expertise


Ending a close emotional bond with another person can be stressful and taxing. That’s why you need trustworthy advice you can count on. Our team of compassionate lawyers is ready to help you every step of the way. From property distribution to the final settlement, we provide legal assistance and support so you can set the stage for a bright future.

Child Custody and Support

Placing your children with one parent is never an easy choice. That’s why Bales, Lepley & Rubin is here to provide you with the information and legal support you need to make the best decisions for your loved ones. From negotiation to in-court representation, our highly experienced lawyers are ready to make the legal system work for you.

Paternity Issues

Are you involved in a dispute about the paternity of a child? Turn to our team for legal and timely assistance. We have years of experience helping families resolve paternity issues and find resolutions that are best for you. Bales, Lepley & Rubin is ready to pursue your interests and help you achieve your goals. 

We Are Dedicated to Winning

We are ready for your call. With Bales Lepley and Rubin, you can have peace of mind that our lawyers will defend your interests with aggressive and proven strategies. Get the advice you need, and put our high-quality team to work for you today.