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Civil, Criminal and Family Lawyers in St. Clair County, Michigan

What Are Practice Areas?

All Michigan attorneys are familiar with the basic tenets of all areas of law. This broad knowledge is required to become a licensed attorney. However, all attorneys have an area of specialty that they focus on called their practice area. Focusing on a few practice areas allows your attorney to serve you better in those areas.

Civil Law

The practice of civil law is focused on litigation of civil cases. Whether you have been sued or are attempting to sue someone else, our litigators can help. If you are concerned that your civil or consumer rights have been violated, civil suits might help you find justice. If your personal injuries or consumer rights have been ignored, you may find recourse in the civil courts. Meet with us for a free initial consultation, whatever your legal complaint may be.

Criminal Law

Criminal law and criminal cases are based on allegations that one or both parties have failed to follow the law. We will help you explore your legal options if you have been accused of a violating a law. We have years of experience defending clients from allegations of driving under the influence, sex-related criminal activity and other potentially criminal acts. Call on Bales Lepley and Rubin for help mounting a defense against allegations of criminal activity. We will put our experience to work for you.

Family Law

Family law centers on the relationship between you, your spouse and your children. Divorce is the most apparent practice of family law, but divorce only dissolves a legal marriage. You will need legal guidance as you write a separation agreement to equitably distribute property, debt and child custody. Family law also covers the care of children, and we are happy to help you resolve custody disputes. Our practiced lawyers will work to ensure you and your family are well cared for.

We Represent You

From your free initial consultation, we will ensure you meet with an attorney whose practice areas cover your needs. At Bales Lepley and Rubin, we will fully support you throughout your legal process.