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Testimonials for Bales Lepley and Rubin in St. Clair County and all of Southeastern Michigan

“Josh Rubin is amazing. He went the extra mile on my case…If you need an expert in your corner, hire Josh Rubin.”
“Josh was always available to help me through. He always took the time to communicate with me step by step. When my case was dismissed and brought back he again took my case and put in the work to give me a fair trial. I took the case to jury, and Josh helped to calm my nerves and listen to me and my concerns all the way through. What started off as a felony assault with a four year penalty ended up as two different charges in front of Judge Platzer and Josh was able to deliver NOT GUILTY verdicts all the way around! Hire him, and stick with him, you won’t be sorry you did!”
“Professionalism at is best! I could not have made a better decision when hiring Mr. Rubin to represent me in a felony criminal case that eventually ended up in jury trial. Mr. Rubin put forth 110% in making sure he EVERYTHING possible to get a return of a NOT GUILTY verdict! I would recommend Mr. Rubin to anyone that needs professional help during a difficult time of their life! There is never a time you are unable to reach him, and that speaks for itself about his professionalism!”
“I have known Josh both personally and professionally for over 20 years! His passion for working hard for his clients shows not only in the court room but outside as well! If you ever get a chance to see him inside the court room you will be impressed by both his professionalism and passion! Josh is not afraid to think outside of the box! He hates to lose and will fight very hard to win your case! Josh communicated with me throughout the entire process and provided me with both a best and worst case scenario so I would be well informed along the way. He always took my calls or returned them promptly when I would call him with a question or concern. I have Josh on speed dial for any future Attorney needs. Freedom is not free! When it comes to defending your freedom call Josh, you won't be disappointed.”
“I used Josh twice during my license restoration process. I first hired him when state took my restricted privileges away and he was great got it back for me. Then I hired Josh again for appeal to get full driving privileges back. With his great knowledge of the process and direction he gave me plus all the work he did we were able to WIN my full license back. And what a win it was as before I hired josh the state was beating me up at every corner of the process. I only wish I would have known to hire josh on my DUIS or when I started the process of trying to get my license back. Mr. Rubin was great best lawyer I have ever had!!!!!”
“Josh is an amazing attorney! I was faced with a DUI charge and found Josh on this website, which at first I was nervous about so after talking to Josh on the phone I drove to meet him face to face. I was impressed with him from the start and hired him for my case. Any time something came up in my case, and even before it did, Josh was on top of it. I was a nervous wreck through the entire process but Josh was there with me step by step. Whether I reached out to him via phone or email he was prompt and informative in each correspondence. The outcome of my case in court was great and I contribute that to the help and advice I received from Josh. Follow his advice, he doesn't steer you wrong.  Josh is a very attentive, knowledgeable, prompt and kind attorney and I would definitely recommend him to family, a friend or even a stranger.”
“Josh fought for me and got me a resolution I didn't think was possible. I recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer that will go the extra mile and will fight for you until the end. I can never thank him enough for everything he did for me.”
“I was a client of Mr. Rubin he was awesome during my trail and proved me not guilty of the charge. Anytime I had a question he would contact me back as soon as possible and made me feel at ease.”
“My case was rather unusual in that my last D.U.I. was fourteen years ago (I was not driving during those 14 years). Proving that I was able to regain my license seemed very formidable to me, however, with the valuable advice and guidance provided to me from Josh, my license was restored at our first hearing. Josh was very attentive, always available, responded quickly and, most importantly, provided the much needed personal support to ensure that I was adequately prepared for our hearing. I found out that having a lawyer who really knows and specializes in getting drivers licenses restored makes a big difference. As a 70 year old guy, trust at my age is invaluable and I received that trust from Josh!”
“Best Lawyer I have ever dealt with!!! Josh Rubin is an excellent lawyer. He is caring and thorough and he got the best possible result. He was able to get a charge of possession of narcotics dropped down to disorderly conduct with a delayed conviction which meant only 7 days probation and no permanent record. He responded quickly to all my questions and concerns, even on weekends. Josh Rubin went above and beyond and I would strongly recommend him for any criminal matter.”
“Biggest mistake of my life...was NOT hiring Joshua Rubin first!  My need for an attorney was to assist me with a simple city ordinance crime. I thought to myself its simple enough I will just use whoever the court appoints me, I mean anyone with a law degree should be able to handle it, right? I was wrong! So I pulled out my pocket book and hired a top dollar attorney from the city and did get my guilty plea withdrawn which is no simple feat but still never explained my options just did what they thought best. This quickly lead me to my 3rd attorney and I was sentenced to 365 days on a simple maximum 90 day city ordinance crime and was actually going to have to do 10 months with good time no time cut reduction available. But then I hired Joshua Rubin and walked out of jail. Not only was he extremely reasonably priced he also took the time to listen to me, talk to my friends and family, explain different options, visit me in the jail, answer and return calls promptly, respond to requests, follow up after his services were needed, and give me free advice on other matters that I had a few questions about. If only I would have known what an amazing attorney Josh Rubin was in the beginning I could have saved thousands of dollars, months of time, and loads of unnecessary stress to myself and family.”
“Thank you so much Mr. Rubin!!! I was recently charged with a crime that I did not do, the charges were completely bogus. I did not know who to turn to since Malcolm Floyd was the only attorney who I trusted, but he had passed away. I was appointed to Mr. Rubin. Figuring I was screwed, I held my breath and proceeded through the system with an attorney I didn't know. I was surprised when Mr. Rubin believed in me and my case from the get go. I was scared to go to trial, but Mr. Rubin assured me it was the right thing to do. We did. And we won. I don't know what I would have done without him. Mr. Rubin is my new attorney.”
“A Defense Lawyer with impressive skills!! When I was charged with a crime that I did not commit (Domestic Violence and Assault/Battery), I was concerned about finding someone that would take my case seriously. My concerns went away when I met Josh Rubin. Josh took the time to really get to know my case and to get to know me as a person. His willingness to do that made a big difference when he argued my case to a jury. I was fully acquitted. Josh will be handling all of my future legal issues as he has proven to me that he will give his 110% effort no matter what I am facing. Thank you so much.”
“A very trustworthy lawyer. I had met with another attorney to handle my case that I was not overly thrilled with. I was then recommended to Mr. Rubin who met with me right away. After our first meeting I knew that Mr. Rubin would be the right attorney for the job. He was very straightforward and honest in the evaluation of my case. He easily outlined our course of action that we needed to take. He was always keeping me informed of the case and what would be coming up next. I feel if I had not hired Mr. Rubin my case would not turn out in the same way. If you are looking for an honest attorney that will help you out every step of the way then you owe it to yourself to contact Mr. Rubin and arrange a meeting.”
“Mr. Rubin is NOT scared to do jury trials.  I hired Josh after my confidence level in my prior lawyer dropped. I was wrongfully charged with an assault and battery against several individuals. My previous lawyer did not seem like he was willing to argue my case to a jury. Josh, not only did not shy away from my case, he rose to the occasion. His skills in the courtroom were impressive and I was vindicated. Thank you so much.”
“Joshua Rubin is an outstanding lawyer that you can depend on!  I only have good things to say about Joshua Rubin. He exemplifies professionalism and does his job thoroughly. He explained everything in a timely manner. He made sure that I understood every step as well as letting me know the pros and cons of every decision that I needed to make. He was respectful and listened to me throughout. He gave me his best and the outcome reflected that. I cannot thank Joshua Rubin enough for all that he did for me and family. If you are looking for a lawyer that is looking out for your best interests, then you found the right one with Joshua Rubin.”
“Josh Rubin is not only an excellent attorney he is also an excellent person. He takes much of the stress out of situations by providing excellent advice and guidance. He doesn't “sugar coat" the truth so you know what to expect.  If you get the opportunity to work with Josh he will made a situation as good as he can based on his excellent understanding of the law.”
“I highly recommend Josh Rubin if you need the services and expertise of an attorney.”